Tourist Guide

The location of the hotel Gong offers many opportunities to visit the surrounding areas.

We recommend you visit:

HUKVALDY – the birthplace of the composer Leos Janacek. There is a memorial and his family house. Hukvald beginnings are linked to the castle from the 13th century. The castle is very large and is partially restored. Every year knights’ festivals, theatre shows and musical concerts take place in the castle area – the most famous one is the International Music Festival Janacek Hukvaldy.

KOPRIVNICE – the city offers the Tatra Technical Museum, which is the most comprehensive collection dedicated to the history and the present of the vehicle manufacturer Tatra. Tours are even available for blind people. Oldtimer Museum offers an exhibition of historic cars and motorcycles, well known brands from around the world, including some unique exhibits. Furthermore, you can visit Lachian Museum and Fojtství (Reeve’s House) Museum.

ROZNOV pod Radhostem – you can visit the Wallachian Open Air Museum – the largest and oldest open-air museum in Central Europe, which was founded in 1925. You can find here folklore, customs and demonstrations of traditional handicrafts.

PRIBOR – the birthplace of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. There is a museum and a memorial hall dedicated to him.

CASTLE STARY JICIN –  the castle ruins stand on the Starojicky hill which due to its strategic location in the area in the 12th century prompted the construction of a guard house guarding the connecting route from the Adriatic Sea to the Baltic Sea, also known as the Amber Road. In the 13th century the guard house turned into a border fortress guarding the road to Poland. In the tower is located an exhibition of the weapons of the period and documents about the castle and the estate Stary Jicin. From the castle is a magnificent view of the region around the Moravian Gate, Oderske vrchy mountain range and Beskydy Mountains.

CASTLE KUNIN – baroque Kunín castle was built between the years 1726-1734. At the turn of the 18th and 19th century, the castle became a modern education institution, which was also attended by Frantisek Palacky, Czech historian, politician and writer, who is considered the founder of modern Czech historiography. Visitors can explore the rooms, bedrooms and classrooms of the chateau school and the tour finishes with a visit to the chateau attic with a unique Baroque chimney system.

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