In Hotel Gong, you find all you need under one roof. Besides the accommodation, we also run our restaurant, where we cook the daily or weekend menu. Moreover, you can also choose a dish from our fixed menu, which contains various local specialties or classic short orders. Visit the restaurant in Hotel Gong Štramberk and enjoy your meal in the traditional Wallachian room with the fireplace or in the modern hotel restaurant. During the summer season, there is a possibility of nice outside seating as well.


Your events, our pleasure


Suppose you look for a suitable place for your family celebration, wedding, or company party. In that case, you make the right choice with us! During more than five years of our entrepreneurship, we witnessed many important jubilees, and we welded together quite a few work teams.  It would be our pleasure to become a part also of your story.

Our services range is extensive. Apart from classic lunches and dinners, we are good at banquet refreshments or various coffee breaks, but we can also provide external catering for up to 200 people. Anyway, we entirely adapt to your ideas and find a tailor-made solution. A restaurant’s capacity is 65 places (40 in the hotel restaurant and 25 in the traditional Wallachian room), and our experienced personnel will take care of you regardless of the opening hours.

Hotel Gong ve Štramberku hodnocení