Our family-run Hotel Gong welcomes you with homely surroundings, hearty personnel, breathtaking views of the Štramberk Castle, and delicious cuisine. We offer 5 types of rooms in different price categories, so you can always choose the accommodation according to your wish. Free parking is available for all guests, and our restaurant prepares daily a wide variety of local specialties and classic short orders. Children can freely entertain themselves in our playroom, where is also a changing table.


Our story

In 2015, when we bought the Hotel Gong in quaint Štramberk and started a business in the hotel industry and gastronomy, we didn’t know the challenges we are rising to. With no experience, we built a team and tried to start up the hotel which was closed for a few past years. The beginning was arduous, but gradually we got in the black, and we could start to invest in reconstructions of interiors. So far, we managed to repair bathrooms in 15 rooms; we created a new wellness apartment and two brand new rooms called Business Extra; we also bought modern kitchen equipment and renovated the restaurant and bar’s interior, and we equipped a small fitness zone. In other words, we do our best to improve the hotel surroundings and our services to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

We are aware of the long journey ahead of us, but we won’t give it up. Hotel Gong is a long-term family project for us, and there will still be many details to improve. So, thank you for your trust!


We are a proud member of the ISMM Group

Hotel Gong is operated by the company ISMM Gastro & HOTEL GONG s.r.o. that is a proud member of the ISMM Group. ISMM Group connects six companies that are all active in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The flagship of the group is the engineering company ISMM with the main office in Ostrava. ISMM is focused mainly on agricultural and handling machinery and is a successful exporter on markets in western Europe. The another three companies in the group are ISMM & EGAS in Pustějov, ISMM & TESO in Jistebník and ISMM & JB in Dívčí Hrad. The last but not least members of the group are the site of tennis and minigolf in Štramberk-Libotín and tennis site ITP in Ostrava. The founder and owner of the ISMM Group is Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D., and with the acquisition of our Hotel Gong, he made his big dream of owning a restaurant come true.




Hotel Gong ve Štramberku hodnocení